MMORPG's Fails - Alganon

Many of us had our share in the mmorpg's fails chapter, like trying a new mmo because it will be so good and great, or just because World of Warcraft makes u feel bored in April or September.

My fail was Age of Conan. Many friends recent fail was Aion.
Why were these games a fail? Too many damn reasons.
Why do i even bother talking about it? Because a good and viable option to World of Warcraft would steal several thousands of players from it, but i guess they just don't want to.

And don't come with the "it's a different game" bussiness, cause these two examples, and even LOTRO or Warhammer, settled their plot in the same space in time. They all have Rogues, Warriors, Paladins, whatever, only with different names.
It takes much more than a good background story and a game that makes u buy a new computer to play it, just to install WoW one week later.
All those games must have their players and fans, so no hard feelings. They all have their unique qualities, i just don't have time to pay and play as a beta tester.
Like Strickmabil said once: "those games are trying to kill the WoW of today, not the WoW of 2004" and this is so true when, in the case of AoC, they said the game was in production for 5 years, and when i played it, at earlier levels, i can say i saw less bug's on those free mmo's like Metin and shit.

Now, when it comes to fail, the biggest fail is when u find yourself on a "dejá vu" moment.

So u are playing this insane game that u pay 60€ for, plus 13€ a month, called by many the WOW KILLER, and then, out of nowhere a bar appears with several possible attacks. Then a box appears and tells u to fill out talent points on it. Swords, daggers, bow's with very familiar names and u start wondering, WTF am i doing here.

So this situation is a great fail.
But there's worse.

A Multiboxer friend at Team Skekraft wrote an entry today about one of those /wrists moments.
This guy over at Eldergoth tells us the tale of this magnificent new MMO called Alganon. Alganon...dejá...vu...

He wrotes:
The design goal behind Alganon, as far as I can tell, is "slavishly imitate WoW, and then add a couple of new features that we think would be cool." The only problem is, the imitation is of the poorest imaginable quality, and hardly any of the new features have been added.

Welcome to Westfall v-00.1

I can't imagine it's going to lead to anything other than a trainwreck though. Games like Age of Conan and Warhammer Online have demonstrated how remarkably little tolerance the gaming public has for games launching in a poor state - and both those games were in much, much better shape than Alganon.

Rofl, they even called it Alganon, doesn't it ring'a bell?
Read the entire review

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