Last Shaman - Faction Change

It's official ladies and gents!
The pentagram is now possible at fuckin-last!

I had to phone during my lunch time, in order to sort something out, that should have been already solved a week ago.

The problem? The MBnet system used in my country, that let's us issue a VISA for each ammount we want to spend, made the Blizzard system detect several cards used within the same battle.net account and therefore, my account got silent-blocked.
Silent-blocked because i was able to repeat and repeat the process whenever i wanted, but it would never end up with good results.

Tonight im going to sort out more macros for the last shaman, in order to do some sick WSG's with ma friends, like yesterday: Cigarrete, Jinho, Debian, Gohan. Rofl, we had a blast :P

And so, we shall go to war!

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Negativ1337 disse...

Hell Yeah!

Lets roll some BGs together!

Kind Regards,