Payment issues, forever.

Several tickets and 5 days after everything remains the same. A 11 million subscriber game must have around 10 persons working on the billing department, wich is...kinda sad actually.

Day after day i exceed the 3 payments trying to make the same process i did with the other 4 accounts. I guess everything will be sorted by the end of the mo... year.

Time for more 4box action tonight, until i can't make pentagons.

Btw, Isle of Conquest is a great battleground.
For me to poop on.

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Strickmabil disse...

Sabes o que é que é bom bom bom? É ganhar as BGs todas... todinhas... especialmente WSG.

João Merujo disse...

WSG é que é a grande diferença, as outras por vezes notam-se dificuldades, AV então é uma desilusão.