Friday. Again.

Time fly's by.
Anyways, my first intention was to have a day off today, to what by boss gently replied: No can do, too much work.
I just remember the haters ingame telling me to get a life, and laugh a little bit.

Tonight i have some AV in mind, perhaps some AB cause it's that battleground weekend. I just want the day to finnish fast.

Tommorow it's a big day! 7th anniversary of Portuguese Warriors, my old America's Army clan! The meeting will be in Lisbon, with, of corse, the absence of Oporto people. Funny part is that some of the players in Gimp will be attending the lunch, so i'll have to post some photos later. It's a gathering of old members from PTwars, some of them play WoW now, and also many other friends from other clans.

bye! :)

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