Tornado, round 2

Been a long night, always with my heart pumping. The windows never ceased to be blown by the wind, and i had to stay awake, just in case something would break.

This was Torres Vedras (near Lisbon) yesterday, after whole Portugal got hit by very fast winds, my region is the most devastated, with winds aproaching 200km/h+, what the fuck...
Now i got news telling me this night is going to happen the same, and after sleeping 4 hours in the last couple days...jeezz...
It actually formed some sort of mini-tornado near the beach of Santa Cruz, and pretty much destroyed everything on it's way.

Anyways, got a nice visitor yesterday in town, my good friend Gibson just happened to come down here to attend a meeting, so i went to meet him and we talked for a hour about phiXion for Cataclysm.

So tonight, tornado round 2, let's hope i can grab my windows tight!

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