What about Battlegroups EU+US?

So i could get to 2000+ rating?

Seriously, what's up with the Shaman rush, Priest doing shit in front of the main shaman ready to get nuked, and all the other retards in middle arena ready to be one shotted? lOLolololololOLololol And all this, at 2k rating. /golfclap
This doesn't happen in the Old Continent.


So now im just sure that this is mindless arena bussiness. Look for yourself. From the most resilient shaman (it's called shamanistic rage, being healed and grounding totems, fyi), to not knowing what is happening, the vid has it all, and it's only part 1 of 3, not knowing where the other 2 parts are though. Best part is in Blade's Edge, when he rez his priest, while having 3 enemies left, watching and doing nothing. The priest on the other side had time to rez a partner or interrupt the rez, but i guess they are just horrible. Oh yeah, im gonna buy american games and start leveling.

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Strickmabil disse...

Gostei mto do Shaman vir a correr em direcção a ele em GW ao princípio. Um fartote... muito engraçado.

Wokomehee disse...

Omg lol, that would never happen here! The priest is in front healing and they dont even look at him! ahahaha

Strickmabil disse...

No CC on his priest is also very nice to see.

João Merujo disse...

The thread of the movie is this one: http://www.dual-boxing.com/showthread.php?t=27257

At first i thought it was serious bussiness arena, but as soon as the video loaded, and i saw one of the other team rushing alone to make a thunderstorm without even caring to put a grounding totem, i realized this was once more the tale of the small pond with small fish.

There's practically zero cc in that game, which wouldn't be much surprising if it wasn't a 2k rating game... Hell, in S4 when i made some vids, i got 1400 and 1500 teams that i frapsed and played better than that shit.

I tried to do some arenas, that end up being a pain in the ass, either because i don't have a healer with the same instinct that Strickmabil has, or the other teams simply spamm cc and AoE, surviving and mitigating 35k dmg in 2 seconds... rofl.

I don't have doubts that i would climb the ladder to 1800 or so, but what i see is that 1800 here, must be 2200 in the US. Don't think all game are like that in the video, but come on, a 2k rated team playing like that? ahaha, spare me.