Setup change and change and change and change

Been a manic multiboxing setup changer since this last friday.
What happened is that WotlK is much heavier than TBC, therefore, my quad core isn't handling very well the 4 clients i had on it. Soooooo......................since i'll my PC's had winXP 32 bits i changed to Win7 64bits. This was on Friday night.
Because my Keyclone email was still the ptwars one, and im having problems with the mailbox, i wasn't able to transfer my accounts until Sunday night, when Rob changed my email. On Sunday i had it rolling but.... it wasn't rolling good enough, for those moments in AV when we end up killing around 300 alliances in 20 minutes.

Sooooooo..............Monday night i decided to fix my old AMD, wich had a broken CPU due to overclocking, and then i had to buy a new one. Everything fixed and installed, ready to go, i bought another Keyclone, setup everything and...it would barely run 2 clients idling in Orgrimmar, imagine playing in AV. Final solution? Macbook Pro gets into play running 2 clients and generating enough heat to fry an egg...

So after all this, i decided to let the quad run 3 clients, the Mac handles 1 and my main pc 1. I may put another monitor and run a extra client on my main but i really didn't wanted to do that.

Thats all for now and im definitly not going to waste more time on setups in the near future.

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