Saturday Meeting

10 ppl went, and, like always, there's the late hour giving ups, or simply "im late for this, can't go lunch with u guys, im really sorry!"

Gohan - Physïcx
Slayer - Thánatos
Francis - Gakand
Baía - Strickmabil
Langs - Devilry
Merujo - Konnichiwa
Rossi - Issorina | Trackerpt
Blaster - Ellminster
Ji - Halfaleca | Jinho | Jii
Bug - Mandriao

And so we met up in the place where the Expo '98 took place, in Lisbon, and headed towards the restaurant to have some codfish, but what Ji wanted was a good old plate of meat. Lots of it :P So we decided to go for meat.
We talked, i tried to convince Blaster and Rossi to join the Dark Side, Slayer ran away from frightening water splashes, and Gohan even had to escape from assasin seaguls. Francis, as always, remained very calm. Bug continues to have the sexiest voice of all, while Baía has a new D'Zrt look, very greenish i may add. Langs came in handy cause i didn't had cigars :D

A few photos, the only ones i took, while im still waiting for the few that Bug took. It's hard to take pics while all we want is to have a great time togheter. Till the next one!

PS: Im not gonna identify who's in the pictures.

7 comentários:

João Merujo disse...

Foi muito bom estar com o pessoal!
Epá, foi uma hónrá cónhecér-te rénátó :D
AHAHAHAHAH que eu não consigo parar de rir lololololol

Unknown disse...

Tou a ver que também sofres do terrível síndroma de aparecer um bocado do dedo no canto das fotos do iPhone.

João Merujo disse...

Foi só quando tirei ao Renato Alexandre. Foi à pressa.

Strickmabil disse...


Only me! disse...

Um abraço ao pessoal!


Unknown disse...

Próximo vens também VC, abr

Satri disse...

Abraço de Boas Festas a todos