Where are u?

Most likely, on my Locks lvl11 or Hunters lvl15. Why so slow? My stupid country doesn't allow RAF system, and i can't afford to buy heirlooms to all those characters, which ends up on a slow ride to any level up.

The casual PvP on my shamans, gaining honor and then buying gems to sell. Made 10k recently, without even noticing :P

Thinking on leveling Priest and Mages as well. Just for fun. I know im gonna end up doing 5 of each class, and just trying to benefict from rested xp on all teams. Im a fuckin altoholic.

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Paulo disse...

Big HUG from Peace aka Faith from Montijo ;)

João Merujo disse...

ahhhhhhh maluco !
fodass não foste ao último almoço! fucker

Felicidades no teu novo achievement :D