A tard whispered me - #1

Welcome to the first edition of this great blog space that will be:

Oh yeah baby, whenever i can and want, i'll just do another one! and another one! And and if ur a lucky tard, u might be the next :D

So for today i've chosen one whisper made to me, and one to my partner Baía.

Ok so basically, multiboxers are believed to be gay... he's a grown up obviously and we can tell that he doesnt know what's QQ. So QQ my friend it's what u were doing... :P I dont want to QQ, thats what "childeren" do m8.

So this guy whispered Baía, saying multiboxing ruins the arena concept. Doing LOS without beggining the fight is "OK". Multiboxing is bad.

All in all, im just happy these ppl exist! They make mine and other days better, happier, funnier!

Now, back to life!

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