New QuadCore - the difference

C2Q q9300
4 GB ram
8800 GTS 512
Abit IP35

4 wow's @ low settings

and every single process is running smoothly.
the difference is huge, it not only is playable, it also brought back the quick response i needed for clones, and i get to see them all at the same time now.

Tested with maxfps both always on top and background @ 50FPS and it was stable on all.

So i transfered my second process in my C2D to my C2Q, finished all the keybinds and macros, and it's ready to go. Im yet to test it in BG's and Instances, but i was @ shat makings the configs and i didnt noticed any lag at all. In the past i used to have like, 30FPS on the front process, and 20 - 15 FPS on each back process.

Can't wait to put it up to some heavy testing tonight :)
Btw, tommorow its a holyday in Portugal, meaning, all night long grinding. Haven't decided wich yet :D

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