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Decided to start a blog. For real.
My last attempt i was still lvl10, boxing 2 shamans in Azuremyst, little i knew i was going to turn into a 5 boxing shaman player.

First things first:
My name is João (john), 24y old, from Portugal. I work in computers for a living, and i also happen to like them a lot, a lot more for what they can do, than what they are. A PC is more than MSN and Hi5. It gives u large ammounts of possibilties that u can turn into a hobby, and since i always loved online gaming, my project was bound to it. The idea is to be different, distinct. I usually play 4/5 hours a day, after a 8 hour work, so u might say...i have a life, u also can say i don't, i like to put it this way:

do what u like, be who u are, don't pretend to be something u can't. if i like to play, make it a hobby, it's my choice, my right. If u don't like, who really cares :)

So, after years playing America's Army, an online FPS game, i went to WoW, without knowing if i was going to like it or not. I always liked the genre, RPG's, but never experienced MMORPG's. Needless to say, it was a blast... i played for long sessions at the begining, tottally loved the game, and so...i played it until today. Since March 06, that..i 've been playing it, in almost every single way, different classes, races, i even played to cap on both factions, raided end game, i always tried to be do something different everyday, but something was missing. When u think u've done everything in a game, and then suddenly u have the opportunity to change it, it's kinda odd. It was a Monday morning, went to AV, farm some honor for my Rogue, and i look to the side and see a guy...with 3 shamans, this was one person controlling 3 toons. I heard about multiboxing before, epic tales of Xzin pwning on BG's, saw videos.. but i always thought it was a little too much for me.

That day i decided to do some search. I also had in mind Ellay's videos, of Multiboxing arenas, back in S2. There was a reference to a site, www.dual-boxing.com

Went there, and after a lot of search, and in a Xzin thread, i had the first tools to start with. I started with 2 accounts, i wont forget the first day i tried it, because it took me so much time to spot errors and see the solutions. I googled, searched, wikied every single doubt i had, and in the following days, i was boxing with 3 shamans. This was around May this year, end of the month. After much boosting (i can say im an expert on that lol) i was around 40 when... i decided i needed more power. From 3 i wanted to go 4, but when i arrived the store, i said, fuck it, let's make it five and do pentagrams for a livin.

In 40 days, with 8 days time played, i was 70.
Such a little line for terrible experience that is leveling up... jeez...

During this time, i not only leveled, but learned how to handle multiboxing, but most important, i stopped crashing one mouse everytime i got ganked.

The long Honor grinding started, and in 4 weeks i pretty much achieved all i could, except some minor tweaks, that will come in time.

WotlK will be there soon, but nevertheless, my intentions are to gear up and climb the 5v5 bracket.

Will make more post more in the future, for now, here stays the intro, i hope u like it, and in case ur a hater, i hope u can see that, u don't have to be rich to multibox :P

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