New record for our arena team :)

It's done! 1800 rating was our goal until today, when we reached 1813 on our 5v5 team.
In 20 games we lost 5 and won 15, it was a great afternoon and we aim to get higher, anything will be good past 1800 :)

We are now number 93 on our battlegroup and number 13 of our server, Grim Batol.

While we were playing we were making some jokes about 1800, because, we dont have any points to grab our S3 weapons, so its kind of a bitter win. Anyways, what matters is that we proved ourselves worthy, and i know we can do better. I only have one brutal piece, the rest is merciless, but next week i want to see if its possible to get the brutal helm for all shamans.

So far is has been great, not doing more than only 20 games per week we still reveal good progress anyways.

More arenas next Sunday :)

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