Pleasent Surprise

On Tuesday, after finishing my arenas with Baía, he went to the bank @ SW and i stayed at the BM. He soon tell's me on TS: "hey, theres a multiboxer here near the mailbox" and i replied "hmmmh?"

Well, it's very rare to see new multiboxer, on any server, any faction, so i intantly went there, and he was already gone. A few second later he was comming in ghost wolf form from the entrance of SW, followed him, and stoped in his main char. He stopped as well, maybe thinking, "wtf, another one?" lol

I presented myself, offered my help on anything he needed, and also invited him to my guild (nothing serious, just my closest friends both ingame and real life) and he accepted it. I was happy to find another boxer on the server, someone to share what we experienced and that also, feels the game in the same way i do, or at least experience it. I think hes a pretty nice fella, and he is from Ireland, that means, if i ever go there, we'll have to drink a Guiness togheter :D

Warm welcome to:

Rinerii, Rinirii, Reneri, Reniri, Rineri

hes standing on lvl30 atm, and using the RAF system, i bet and hope he'll level pretty fast :) (so we can go farm old school dungeons for nostalgic epix! i love them! Onyxia ur so eeeefffffddddddd :D)

Im still trying to convince Lsoares to join us, but he likes to have a guild vault :P

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jidanet disse...

Au right mozerfoker!!!!!! ta mta bacano o blog continua c isso e claro, quero ver as konichas c 5/5 plus weapons s4!!!!!

na net!!!!