S4 Arena Week 6

This week we peaked at 1766. We had the chance to meet some really strong setups, usually a 2 warriors 1 enhancement combo, along with 2 healers. They rely on the fact that, either their DPS is super strong, or their healers are very well geared, but against a multiboxer team, u have to be both, and think with ur minds, not ur e-peens, like those on top of ZA mounts and Sunwell gear, that got slapped :P

Also managed to get full Guardian on all chars. Because i have 5 shamans instead of 4, it means sometimes i make char rotations, making impossible to have a steady personal rating.

We played Friday night for a series of 9 games, 8 wins and 1 loss, facing nothing but either full brutal (yes, even with shoulders) or full brutal/veng shoulders and weapons. Some even can make combos between their Sunwell gear and S4 :)
(they say multiboxers have no life :P)
And we also played on Sunday, where we had major problems against heavy melee teams and good cc on both my main and my healer, and we basically went 11 wins - 8 losses this week, due to well coordinated cc and good skill. Makes me break my keyboard, but at least we got some competition.

Slowly getting arenas points and gearing up brutal as i can, we're making it steady on the 1700's. What i really want to see is, when i get more brutal gear and if i can make the 1700's i will also get the head, if my opponents will have a harder time :)
Every single arena past 1600 the other teams outgear me, and i still win. I wonder if they didnt had their vengefull's and brutals. Some even might have weapons and shoulders from boosts and win tradings, still, they go down.

Our main goal is, and always was, 1800. Along with everything but weapons and shoulders. 1800 wasnt that far away this week, and keep in mind, this is one of the strongest battlegroups in Europe, no headless cickens past 1550.

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