Enchanting x5 - Inscription x5

I've finnally came up with a decision regarding professions for all my shammies. Since im all into boxing, and really looking forward to play it on WotlK, i decided for now, wich professions im going to have, having in mind the sole purpose of boosting my chars dmg, and they will be Enchanting and later on, Inscription.

I already have one enchanting pushed to the min. lvl i want, 360, so i now have the task of bringing the remaining 4 to 360. For 2 reasons: enchant my rings, no matter how silly it can be, 24 spell dmg is a difference, and im always a person that goes into detail. The other reason is that, on Wotlk, i'll be able to disenchant all my gear, the one i replace and the pieces i get from quests, so hopefully, this will be a rewarding change.

As for Inscription, i really hope it's an amazing profession. Not only enhancing spell details and styles, but also bring up my damage a bit more. I'll have to spec Herbalism on an alt char for this, and start my grinding. It will be an amazing quantity needed of herbs, and other matterials, but we'll see.

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