S4 Arena Week 5

Me and my partner saved 7 arenas to do yesterday night, prior to week reset, after reaching 1711 on Sunday after 3 games. We also got to pick Guardian Boots and Brutal Head for Baía.
What happened yesterday was a mixture of being nervous, with bad communication, bad luck, and in the end i just wanted to stop it and do the remaining 7 arenas so i could get my chest.

We started with Lordaeron Ruins, winning against a strong melee team [warrior, rogue, enhancement shaman, pala, resto shaman] tottaly surprising them, and with me being able to nuke at will.
But not all games are fairy tales. The following 5 games may have been the worst games i ever played. We lost them, against 3 teams: the first one was a LOS only team, with the warrior and rogue always running around, saping, and the warrior carrying a shield ready to spell reflect. The second one as a team that lost his paladin soon enough for us to get total control of the match, but i ended up screwing it, when i went to fight behind a pillar and the priest managed to kill the tremors, needless to say, my shamans started to go allover the place, being nuked at different positions.
The third team wasnt ready for us, and for the 1892347857th time i start the game by nuking a guy till hes 400hp and runs away to pillar sex. It's the most annoying thing that can possibly happen: i loose my NS nuke, and they start cycloning, blinding, stun locking my healer, fearing...

One thing is certain, i needed those last minute games, and even though we had time, i rushed it out of patience. Won't happen again from now on. I got the S4 chest now, i dont care for any other piece besides the s3 weapons, and will be gearing up on my way, so u can expect me to do much more games and every one of it will be like a final. U choose to stay behind a pillar, good for u, ill be on the other side waiting.

Peaked at 1724, came down to 166x, next week will be different :)

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