Weekend full of experiences

I have to start with arenas: playing 5 retri paladins on arena is a big fuking fail. We played against one team of 5 retri paladins, and it was a complete joke, because as soon as they turn avenging wrath inside their "bubles", and started stunning away, it was chaos. Ppl complain against boxers, when they really should be enjoying how fun is too face retri palas atm. No matter where.

We also went Kara yesterday, and the nerf applied to the whole game, it's a GG. Taking out 30% of the health, and 30% less dmg to tanks, with the excuse of not knowing how new talent trees would really work, should instead be named: "theres one month left of TBC till WotlK, so noob guilds, here's ur chance to kill as many boss's and brag about it on ur lamme site"
I guess SWP boss's still require a lot of gear and theres a lot of effort, but anyways, its less health, less dmg on ur tank. Tbh, some classes are even outputing more damage.

Saturday afternoon i got a surprise invite to SSC and TK, and easy mode was on. Vashj down at 1st try, Kael down at 2nd try ( i screwed up on one of kael's add's :P Reinc ftw aha).
At night there was a raid to try down some horde faction leaders, but soon we discovered it's was going to be a little dificult, most likely impossible. At Silvermoon, the leader hits more than Brutallus on a tank, and worst than that, all casters miss, and melee's have a hard time as well. We we're unable to do it, after managing to clear the whole place with only the boss to kill :(

Big and Debian, two close friends of mine both in the interwebz and r34l l1f3! are also playing WoW for kicks. Their enjoying it, and leveling now togheter, and yesterday i gave them a boost in both DM and Stockades. It's so easy when u can just bug on friends and ask for a boost :P When i leveled i had a hard time finding groups for instances and/or elite quests, it was a major pain in the ass ^^

Now to the serious bussiness that is keeping me playing like a little child: ACHIEVEMENTS!
Man! i tottaly love doing little stupid things to get more achievements! Im currently doing the exploration of all regions and some pvp, specially AV!

So far these are my favourites and i also managed to do them:
Stormpike Perfection
The Sickly Gazelle
Alterac Valley All-Star

And im also up for the Hollowen achievements, already looted a Sinister Squashling and one Hallowed Helm for this achievement: Sinister Calling

All i can say is that Blizzard did a good job keeping ppl busy until WotlK.
I'll try to get some PvP footage as well, for a future PvP video as promised.

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