Patch 3.0.2 - the pain

Patch days sometimes can be a real pita. Imagine logging in with ur main, still working out the other 4 box's, and then...world server down. Azeroth was offline, but chars on Outland could be logged in, so i grabbed my paladin and my rogue, and made some PvP tree's for them. Since BG's ALSO were down, i had to go test it in some mobs. With the rogue, is the usual stuff, and i might add, i still have to see it's true potencial in PvP situations.
As for the paladin......as for...the paladin... i never saw the paladin like this! It is so fucking OP! I specc'd retri, wore some shit gear i had in my bank, most of my gear is spell power gear, adapted from holy gear, and it was unbelievable the ammount of damage one paladin can output in a matter of seconds, u just have to wait for the GCD, and along with instant attacks, crazy many regen, instant FoL's and HoW's and some luck with SoC proc's, u can for sure kill wtv the fuk u want. Impressive, and i don't even know how much a good geared paladin can do, it's gotta be a huge burst. Now i can completly picture a retri pala pairing up with other pure melee class's: he can mana regen and heal the raid, being able to maintain a crazy DPS. It was doable before this, imagine now with these talents.

But... it wasn't until late, late night that i got all my box's ready. At first i wanted each box to update by it self, but after arriving from work, they still missed 200mb, so i decided to copy the files from my main, and proceed to the update... lol... was a disaster... diferent file versions, along with crashes and critical errors when it was already patched. I had to do it all again, but saving my macros bought me precious time.
Anyways, one box failed to save the macros properly, and i have no clue how it did had the macros from the first day i started boxing, and didn't had my updated macros. Thing is, i used to play a lot with that char, without problems, and now, i had to make again the macros. In the end i just did a copy+paste from the macro.txt of another box, and made some minor tweaks.
It was now 3am in Portugal, and i was still working out talents, macros, round robin macros, and some addons. In these situations u start to realise how much u need some addons, like ag_unitframes, where u can see the cast bars of everyone in the party. I managed to enter an AV for some action and... I'm not doing great with my round robin Thunderstorm... But i was able to play without my sweet NS, and its doable, i just lack to see how much thunderstorm will be a good replacement, cause i did it a lot of times against warriors with Bladestorm, and they simply ignored it.

I have my S4 shields now, just lack one cause of personal rating, and in the future days i hope to have everything up and running, mostly regarding the addons area.

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