Record broken and 10 points to go

25 games:

-22 wins
- 3 losses

1953 Rating
Best Alliance team GB

It may sound like "big deal" but it really is, taking in mind we never played with this setup before S4, and i still wear merciless.
It's just not an i-win comp, u gotta learn it and adapt to ur opponents, and sometimes its impossible, like yesterday night, when we started, facing a lock/mage/rogue, where the mage blocked at 200hp, and when they survive my burst its a GG, for all reason im not even going to bother explaining. We lost 2 games to this team, and won one. After the arena ended we Q'd again and they dodged. After a fucking half hour waiting, we got a match.

We need setup not gear gave us like 50 points in 10 minutes. Then, they took 19 points back from us, in a good LOS game on BEM's ramps. I specially like the rogues gear, clearly 1800 stuff.

After this a team came in action, from Kazzak if i rememeber correctly. Now...the problem about this team was that... they were 1750 team rating, and 1400 personal rating, and THAT'S WHY WE FUKED OUR PERSONAL RATING AND OUR TEAM RATING.
Cause we won personal based on their personal because the difference from personal to team rating was too high. And our team rating was solely calculated by the other team rating. So at that point we were like 20+ points different from our personal to team rating.

So we continued arenas, and with everyone dodging, or going to bed, we started to face some 1400-1600 quality teams. And it just went on and on all night long. Never refuse a good quality time.
We ended the night with "only" 13 points difference to our team rating.
Sucks to have 1953 and not being able to get our shoulders, but we'll see how it goes tonight.
10 points away from e-success.
And e-acceptance.

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