New Shoulders

Weekly reset, and points available to buy new shoulders. Was only able to buy 2 shoulders because of PR, but it felt good anyways. It isn't something everyone can brag about, it feels good and is kinda mission accomplished for us.

Not much to add, this will be the last week of S4, me and Baía will do more arenas and try to push it but, it's going to be very hard, as everyone is trying to go for the top 10, Gladiator Title. We're still happy about what we've done so far, having in mind i dinged 70 when the season already started, while everyone was full with points and gear for the new season.

Some screenies, have a nice Wednesday :)

What everyone talks about on the realm forum: is this man good enough to wear these beautiful shoulders?

Beautiful shoulders smell so nice that even emplastro came...

S3 shoulders. Too bad every Druid, Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, has them.

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