Nothing much really

As the title says... i've been doing nothing much in the last days, other than filling some achievements, just to kill some time.

I am pretty much Honor capped for the xpansion (around 70K), arenas seems to be tottaly broken due to lag and class trees, specialy paladins and my Arena partner ain't in the mood to even try some arenas.
As for PvE, im a bit tired of MGT HC, and only thing i've been doing is the Headless Horseman, the daily summon with my box team.

Im enjoying the achievements, apart from what some say, that is a silly feature to keep ppl playing, i still enjoy doing them.

Yesterday i went to Bolten Moore with my friends from momentum, and cleared the area pretty fast, thus, achieving the Raggy kill. Looking forward to kill Nef and C'thun next week.

I even started Fishing and Cooking again, after getting 375 on both with my paladin, so im gonna work it out on my main shaman as well :) It's not a long wait till WotlK, but honestly im not that much excited about it. New content is perfectly fine and needed to give new players a shot at high eng raiding, and a clean start at PvP, but i must admit i was just now getting started with TBC on my team :P

Will try to make a new vid this weekend, and post it here.

Btw, i also had a nice talk with a fella from Iceland yesterday. We pretty much talked about simple things, but at the start he said: "u dont like to talk that much do you?"
lol, i guess that's why i started to talk, cause usualy it's just ppl saying nonsense.
So i asked back: "do i know u?"
And he says: "yeah, everyone on the server knows who u are! best boxer on the server!"

rofl, it put a geek smile on my face honestly.

The other day, a guy on Helfire Peninsula said on general: OMG IT'S DA MULTIBOXER!
I replied: AWWWW MY GOD!
He then said: I read ur blog! good job man!

i was like... wtf?!

I just wanted to share these. Afterall what i'm doing it's noticed, and even though some ppl hate it, theres an even larger ammount liking it, or at least they understand the choice of multiboxing. The reality is this:

High end PvE's: their ok with it, never had a problem, or a stupid comment. they know they spend twice, or more the time i do in the game, and they seem to enjoy.

Normal PvE's: more like casual's playing, most dont know what boxing is, but theres some ppl, informed, that can identify my main, and whisper it saying, gj there, or, must be fun to box. Theres the random: OMGATZ U R NO LIFEZ!!!! u spend really big time gearing all those 5!

note: these people really believe that... i played char by char to lvl70. geared up each char individualy. LOL
these are also the ones that challenge my main to duel, thinking they will fight against all 5 shamans.

Normal PvP's and Highly commited PvP's: i find no difference on these. both can be total retards, or nice ppl who understand it easier to down a boxer than 5 ppl playing 5 chars.

It's a matter of how much knowledge the person has, how much informed the other person is behind the screens, cause believe me, some ppl are total ignorants and crazy about the fact that they can't afford 2 fucking accounts, so when they see a guy with 5, they go beserk.

Bottom sentence:
Multiboxing is a person playing more than one char at once. Multiply ur char by how many the boxer has, and that number is how much more efficient the boxer is compared to u.

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btbruno disse...

hi Meruja

Lets go i want to see those movies it´s always fun to watch wow movies during work HeHeHe

keep on killing friend

Regards Rossi