unhappy player spits on you

Thursday night, and after a bit of EotS and AV fun time, me and Baía headed to Arenas. I think we faced 2 different teams the whole night.

The first match gave us 0 points, but 1 personal rating point!!!!!11111

From that game on, it was just a pain train going down the railway!

UNTIL!!!! Until i missed my NS nuke into a grounding totem, the other team managed to put MS debuff on all my chars and we eventualy died from Mage AOE, and Shammy enchancement + warrior damage. They managed to heal good during the fight, and missing the nuke on their paladin pretty much dictated our loss. It was a 29 points loss that we weren't expecting but... oh well.

I think we managed to get 2036 as record yesterday, but im not sure. Anyways, we're still above 2k, but my head hurts of thinking that i need to win again 10 low rated games to replace that loss. Oh yeah, low rated, because all high rated's dodge da Q.

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