S3 Shoulders for 1970 Personal Rating

Mission accomplished, and all the nay sayers might as well just kiss my ass. We worked hard for this, and even if sometimes i screw some arenas, the overall wasnt that bad, and as a proof, Baía has some Beautiful Shoulders now, and im going to do the same on Tuesday, cause i lack some points.

The fact that we needed 1970 team rating to buy the S3 shoulders is because we faced some retarded teams with higher ratings than the personal of their members, therefore, our rating got fuked up.

Yesterday we made 2 matches against another team with ratings screwed, that ended giving 8 team rating and 2 personal rating. We waited half a hour just to face that team again, but it look like they raised their personal rating, and so we got some more. When i left the arena i checked my personal and Baía's rating, and when i saw 1953 i couldn't belive. We are now at 1953 personal and 1970 team rating. Not bad for a boxer.

Don't care if i can't go higher, my wish is to get 3 more shoulders for the other shamans, since i always rotate them, and get ready for WotlK. In the following weeks we'll do more arenas, in order to learn more and improve, but i can say my work is done, our objectives seemed so far and afterall they were fulfilled.

I wanna dedicate it above all to our closest friend that always believed we were able and that...were always ready to help us out :) (lololol)

Btw, here's a pic of what we've been facing recently. Im not to blame if full brutal rogues suck my fire nova totems.

ahhhhhhhhhhh, almost forgot!
to be in the mood for arenas, we paid Orgrimmar another visit, i just love that city, and their mobs near the entrance. Some give HK's, why ?
This screenie is the best: it has whinning, win, ownage, fun, honor points and world pvp.
150+ honor kills. Ty Horde GB.

Have a nice Friday :)

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