New Record and a hand full of shoulders

Thats right! Tonight a new record was broken (2023), so i guess that puts me on the Hall of Fame ? teeheee!!!

7 games, 7 wins, from 1970, and i was able to buy the remaining shoulders on all chars.
It begun well and ended even better, grabbing 14 points from them. GNOMEZERG was the victim, and tbh, their shaman was on namek to get nuked like that. Where ur pvp trinket mistar ?

Nothing great to add, only that we've met a couple teams from GB Horde, Hunter trio with shaman and dpriest, a real pita, cause if it wasnt for their impatience, we could be there all night, fighting behind pillars. Ty kind sirs.

Another pic:

Very fast match, my NS made me proud, and their jaw opened. Ty as well.

Cute pics now, and ty for visiting! Stay tuned for some arena movies incoming, and some funny world PvP. Peace.

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