WotlK waiting

It's a mix between really looking forward the next x-pack and the "omfg, leveling again". The choice is made, and i'll continue my multiboxing team, hopefuly till 80, if i don't get tired of the game that much. It's just that, sometimes, when u grind over and over again, for the same objective - be better than the average joe - the fun starts to fade.

The thing that totaly ruined the game for the time being, was the fact that Arenas were completly fucked. It's not only the fact that u have to deal with 5v5 teams composed by 4-5 Paladins, its also the constant lag.

So basicaly the waiting comes down to:
- Headless Horseman farm (the daily traveling makes me puke now)
- Completing Achievements (pretty much bored by now)
- Farming Baron for the mount (thx blizzard, for making the only drop worth farming, the CASUAL mount)
- Leveling fishing and cooking (yeah, i know.)

I am now seriously considering a return to my roots.
If AA 3.0 gets launched in a near future, AND if it brings something NEW, i might go back to it. Oh btw, please, input some flow into the fucking game please.

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