1 keystroke, 4 totems

The moment many have waited may be just a patch away. A new way for totems to aid their summoners is in the works, an improved method of bringing up those totems.

It's been stated oficialy, and this is the current state of things:

We wanted to provide some insight regarding the upcoming shaman-specific interface addition, the Totem Bar. Shaman will be able to utilize this new bar to manage their fire, earth, water, and air totems in a more accessible and convenient way. This bar will appear on the left-hand side above the standard toolbar, similar to warrior stances or druid forms. The bar contains space for four totems of the player’s choice, one of each element. Clicking the respective button will drop that totem.

To the right of the four totems is a button for Totemic Call, which we have renamed Call of Earth. To the left of the four totems is a new ability named Call of Fire which will drop all four totems on the bar at once. The mana cost is the same as if the shaman dropped all four of the totems one at a time. However, it takes but a single global cooldown.

Ok so...this is great. 1click, 1GCD, 4 totems. My only question is: what if u dont have enough mana to drop all 4? My guess is that, it will drop by order until ur oom.

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