No more XP

Ever wanted to make a draenei shaman and stick with it at 60 for PvP, or a night elf huntress to raid endlessly the classic dungeons, while having at the same time a lvl80, on the same account?

Until now, u couldn't twink lvl60 or 70 unless u didn't had the next x-pack, but now, after years of request, a simple feature will change the life of many, and let me dare to say that many more will adopt this new feature.
Farm that Van Cleef sword, and the full Defias Set without caring about XP gains. Whatever suits u!
But my favourite, and im tottaly in for it, is level a group of 4 and pimp it up with the max gear available in vanilla content. Priest's or Hunter's would be hot, much cause of those MC epics (legendary in the feeling)

For every mistake blizzard makes, they inject something that is wished, and thats why WoW can't be killed :P

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