The End

I've been delaying this decision for a while, because i truly like to box. It's something different, that makes me more than just another sheep online, but i can't continue it anymore.

There's many boxers out there, that raid PvE content, multibox arenas and instances, all at the same time, but i can't afford to do that, not while having a full time job, wich, i always did even before playing WoW, but i think now is the time to stop.

I have a place in a guild, a role to play and that is enough at this time. Paying 5 accounts to solo instances at the weekend is useless at this moment, and contrary to common belief, it's faster to raise a solo char to 80 than a boxed group. I will, however, continue to level my chars.

Dunno if i'll return at multiboxing someday, but this blog stays as a proof of having a real good time doing it. MB is fun, specially when u can devote some time to it, and u get to play another game inside the game. It was a great experience, and i feel a little sad in a way, after all that time invested in all my chars, we're talking about thousands of gold, mostly in professions, but i have to say i don't regret having started it nor putting an end on it.

I want to send a huge thanks to all that visited this blog and always chat with me online, people that saw more than 5 chars doing simultaneous attacks, those that are smart enough to realize how much skill u need to constantly keep those chars rolling. To the top guilds on Grim Batol with whom i always had some sort of contact and gave me grats for managing to do what i did. To all my friends, some of them long time friends, that adapted to this strange kind of gameplay and had a blast with me doing simple things, such as frying a horde. To all those unknown people that knew what i was doing and were always good about.
And specially to the multiboxing community, a wonderful group of people that are very kind, simply amazing.

A special thanks to Strickmabil aka Baía, without whom, this project would have never been the same.

Peace and stay well :)

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Strickmabil disse...

<3ed the feeling of getting back to "competition" - after stopped playing AA - while playing arenas with u m8.

We got Ulduar to clear now!