The Beggining

10 days later and, besides not having much time, i just couldn't help myself, watching to my left side and see the pc off. I had to start again, and this time with only 4 shamans (only!). Because it works better, not having to bother with that extra shaman that stays behing in rating, switch between arenas, and finally i can party with a friend and go av.

I dunno, i just couldn't let all this work go to waste. Multiboxing is much more than sync'd attacks. It's a game inside the game.

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Wokomehee disse...

Welcome back! ...i think most boxers need a break from time to time, its good for u ;)


João Merujo disse...


Well, i dunno. Some ppl may think i dont have a clue of what to do and too much free time.

What happened was that, it's been a year of boxing around, much less lately, but, i had that feeling of letting it all go to waste.

The only reason was that im raiding now almost all my free time, as soon as i come from work, but, multiboxing is worth to have, when u have the possibility.

I guess the major problem were Arena, that pretty much changed everything for me and Strickmabil. We were used to control and approach things on a different way. Now, we just see a rush and AoE spank.
I hope things get different in the future.