Konnichiwa goes Enhancement

I ended up trying something i delayed for so long: put my main shaman with enhancement spec.

It's something i should have done earlier, because the combat speed is just awesome, combined with instant cast's provided by stacking Maelstorm Weapon, this spec is awesome to do PvE with, at least i totally dig it.

It's been a week of gearing up, and i managed to grab a lot of items to fill up some major gaps (elemental items), but i still need to replace my neck.

As the multiboxing adventure seems to fade away, i really don't find much amusement on it rather than going AV and change the tide. In TBC i was able to box instances, get access to a whole variety of items, and now? Can't box an heroic, if im going to box a raid, im just gimping it, and with Wintergrasp, the server lags so much that is impossible to try and have a good time.

Multiboxing is fun, is different and specially is a new game inside the game, but at the moment it simply doesn't fit my plans. I'd rather raid with my paladin along with some friends, gear up the shaman and be a good enhancement, and level up some alts.

Still, the pleasure of completly wreck the horde in AV is, and always will be, priceless.

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