Horde Boxers

They are never too much :)
I love world PvP, and visiting Orgrimmar was a weekly thing back in the TBC days.
I need to start doing it, and get some practice.
Why? I just read this on a sig at the Dual-Boxing Forums:

Playing: Totemuc, Totemoc, Totemec and Totamic on Jaedenar EU Going to transfer to Grim'Batol EU soon. It will be the new home for the horde EU multiboxers. Feel free to come!

Well, i'd be more than glad to face 5 boxers at the same time in WG. Bring it on :D Unfortunnetly i dont have much help on my side. The last active boxer quit, and Soares has returned, he's leveling but... he never answer's whispers.

As for Konnichiwa path for Arena ownage, there might be a light in the end of the tunnel. Let's see :)

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Wokomehee disse...

Looking forward to it :D Have been playing with him in some av's, and cant w8 to do some world pvp :P

New boxers are always welcome!