Faction change

All of a sudden, old wishes become true, and i wonder, is this the end of the line?

Well, thruth is, we're only missing now a new hero race, such as Murloc's, who knows, but despite WoW being constantly threatened by other MMO's, i really dunno if all these changes aren't too many to apply at this time.

There's plenty to do now, and to think of, but Blizzard just keeps pumping more info, more options, more and more.

So, if u don't know yet, there's already plans to let people do cross faction transfers. In a world where things are planned according to the lore, every now and then Blizzard just injects in the book whatever they want the most, preferably something that brings another load of cash.

So heres the list:
Character Name Change
Character Customization aka Sex Change
Character Faction Change

Let me add some more:
Character Class Change
Character Race Change within the Faction (Gnome Paladins, Priests and Human Hunter's...)
Character Cloning - give ur family and friends a brand high lvl

And by the end of next year, the next gen mmo is out, and we just have to buy it. Perhaps even an option of "if u played wow, exchange his gold for our new coin" or "if u played wow, bring ur char"

U know what? Bring it on, i like changes.

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