Power of Alt's

Theres two things i have in mind: PvE with my Tankadin and PvP with my Shamans.
But everyone gets bored of playing the same game over and over again, specialy when ur PvP buddy forgets his authentication token and is unable to play for the whole weekend...

So, without arenas to do, bored of AV ownage and close to puke everytime i have to tank with my paladin, the opportunity came: "let's go do an instance with our alts, merujo wanna come?"
"oh, we need a tank." -_-
Go go Lvsitana Prot, and i must admit that i enjoyed tanking, it's so different from the Paladin where u have so little buttons to press, and a retarded rotation to keep up. Made a couple of runs but things started to go PvP side so... Peekabøø came into play. We started ganking inside a Horde village but we needed more power, so my Shammies also came. After that we went to another horde town and the gank extreme was great, the best way to spend a sunday afternoon.

Another Sunday, another Ulduar Raid, another Raid Off. WTH!
Al'righty then! Peekabøø let's go UK and Nexus! Good times, i really had fun playing a bit on my alts this weekend :)

But what about my other alt's? Multiboxed alt's? Well, i quit the idea a while ago, i was even considering canceling all my accounts but i just can't loose the fun of multibox several classes. Perhaps next weekend i'll grab a group or two, meanwhile i'll just watch crazy setups, like JoeWunsch has. 5 boxed mages with Mirror Image, that pretty much makes a guy go crazy inside an arena :D

I can't stop thinking about leveling another group of 4 to PvP with, perhaps even some kind of twink multiboxing :D

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