U know ur fucked when...

After the first arena, teams realize that instead of CC'ing, it's just faster to cleave the whole shit.
This is my Arena story. I really don't know what to do when my HP drops from 100% to 20% in 3 seconds. On 4 chars at the same time.

My gear can excuse a bit of low burst dmg, but not totaly the ammount of damage taken that simply kills me in a matter os seconds. I could even have an extra healer, but i doubt it could be handled.
I was used to loose back in TBC, when we were learning the basics, but it wasn't this bad. Now, we can't even take out some clues about what to do better, because, u can't do nothing at all. It's the Arcane Torrent and Warstomp racials fucking us every single time, and worst of all, heavy melee teams.

Out of 11 arenas, i think 5 were in Lordaeron. Can i get another one more often?

And now their adding 2 more tombs to the place, perhaps it's a test agains't retards, to see if they manage to get to the other side without crashing into one.
Anyways, as it stands, we'll prolly reach 1300rating winning 30% of the games, wich is great. Bring the resilience buff and we'll see.

For now, i'll just farm some more gear, because in the end, owning AV it's all what this is about.
PS: Strickmabil, éspérô qué náõ tánhás dórmìdó mál, cõm pésàdélós e ássím.

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