Cha Cha Cha Cha Changesssss

Like my old pal Bowie says :(

Im lost into the world of casuals. It's like i've done a time travel, to when i was 12 and played 20 different games per day.
Im used to dedicate my time to a single game, master it (in my way at least)... I kinda see it like playing at a competitive level, since i started playing Americas Army, this was my way of seeing and playing games.

So in the past days i... i think i just got tired of playing wow and felt like testing other games out, just for kicks.
Im not proud of saying this but i've played... Guitar Hero 3... ROFL! Played AA again. PES 2009. Guitar Hero Aerosmith :| Even a stupid game called Nostradamus. Been playing PES 2009, game is awesome :P

Im also starting to doubt i will ever buy those copies of WotlK. WoW is fun, Multiboxing is uber, but im starting to be so tired of the system on it, the way the game has become a fucking joke, a complete tetris kinda game for casuals, who wanna feel like hardcore. Blizzard has set this plan in motion long time ago, and all i see is things getting easier! It's the gear, the drops, the quests, the titles, the achievements, the farming. Oh, and the drop rate.

Is WoW even stimulating these days? Is a 1000 queue worth the other hour u'll gonna play? Shall i go farm an item, that in a patch went from iconic to casual?
Shall we get our fucking gear with a guitar hero kinda shit, where u press yellow, yellow, red, red, green, orange, and u get epics ?
Ever since Activision step'd into it, WoW has slowly went in the direction of profit more than "we have this great lore, and we would like u to experience it"
Arenas, the so called place about skills and great players is nothing but a joke, full of lag and retri paladins.

Releasing a patch where a single class overcomes all others, on a game where balance is the key was a big fail.

All in all, im still trying to find some willing to buy the game on day 13. I'd rather play guitar hero than come back to AoC.

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