WotlK - Day 12

Monday 24 Nov 08 - Day 12

Logged, disenchanted some more quests rewards from the weekend and stashed them in the guild vault. Half way to the flight path, i remembered theres an instance for lvl75+ inside Dalaran, so i went to Ronin (Sylvanas brother in law, mentor of Illidan, now leader of the Kirin Tor) and picked up a quest to stop the Blue Dragonflight.
Cyanigosa was to be killed inside The Violet Hold, on an event much like The Black Morass in TBC.
I was able to do it at the first attempt, without wipes. Moragg was the first, and i just popped my earth elementals along with some nuke.
Ichoron was the second and from what i saw, he explodes himself during the fight at certain %'s, doing a massive knockback, also dealing lots of damage to the group. I still managed to do it, but 1 shaman died.
Final boss, Cyanigosa, is not that difficult. I had no elementals to aid, and all i did was nuke along with Chain Healing. Keep an eye out on the char tanking, and be sure to aoe heal every 5 seconds, thats the key.

After that, i delivered the quest for some nice 40k xp. Went to the arena in Zul Drak, to help a friend out, followed by an afk for the rest of the night, so im lacking around 30% to 77.

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