WotlK - Days 8/9/10/11

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were... pain days, as always :D
A little bit of questing, followed by a whole level on an instance made me sleep a lot on saturday ^^ Saturday and Sunday i hit the game again and i managed to get close to 77.

4 days...2 level's.
There's people managing 70-80 in 2 days..rofl!

Theres no way people can manage do understand, how is it to level 5 chars at the same time with this gathering quests shit. It's a slow pain in the brain. The only things that keep me going are:

- the ganking
- the horde whining
- the horde whispers on trial accounts

and specially, how arenas will work @ 80 ^^
U see, theres a new burst in town, it's called Lava Burst! (ahaha a joke)

Seriously, being able to output 25k dmg within 3 seconds @ lvl75... rofl.

Well, leveling tonight, to change things a bit, and ill post a nice screenie i got yesterday :)

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