WotlK - Days 3 & 4

Saturday and Sunday are always push XP days for any decent geek, but soon i found myself in endless quests, giant routes, crazy items grinding or just huge gathering quests. It all comes down to this fact: I don't have a dedicated tank, so i barely do most of the boss's without dying. That's why i spend so little time in instances. I try to push my imagination on how to beat most boss's, but it's getting harder, and it really doesn't pays off the time and specially, the repairs.

Im doing quests more than ever and already got in mind that this is the way to reach 80. I was 70 [50%] on Friday, and i am now 72 [85%], and i think it's fucking horrible. Most are already at 75+, hell, there's even DK's at 80 ffs, and i just can't hit a normal leveling pace, without having to collect 10 fucking box's for a retard gnome every half hour.
There's also something im hiding. U see, im easily drove into boredom of questing, thus, allowing me certain moments of joy, such as being idle in a quest pickup point, and see many, many hordes... the outcome is a huge pile of skeletons. They even try to gather and kill me, but 5xThunderstorm's are the ultimate fun machine.

If i had to point out a date on wich i suppose i could hit 80, i'd say, by the end of the month. I realy hope it gets better regarding questing, like more killing quests and less gathering.

To end, i went to Dalaran. Imo, it's a masterpiece. It's clean, cosy, very simple, and it's a huge piece of earth floating in middle air... it doesn't gets more cooler than that.
Compared to Shat, Dal is more than an improvement, both in accessibility and visual pleasure, altough i haven't explored much yet. It's definitely my new home after yesterday, and all i want now is to hit 73 asap, and continue the adventure.
At this point, im really not caring about the rush, like i was since the beggining, but i didn't expected such a hard time leveling up. I think my handicap is not having a dedicated tank to plow through instances, but like always, in the end, it's going to be rewarding.

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Robert disse...

Us fellow multi-boxers, we feel your pain!!

I had leveled a 5x Mage team up to 68.
It was only my second time through burning crusade content, so it wasn't too painful to do it again.
However by the time I got to 68 I was bored out of my mind. The last thing on earth that I wanted to do was log into my Mages and quest.

What did sound appealing however, was running some instances, but as you said, without a tank, it's pretty tough.

So I decided to raise another team of five from Level 60 to Level 68. This time it would include a Warrior, Paladin and three priests.
I figure I could level them up in instances and then at 68 do different group makeups.
Experiment until 70 and then by 70 I should have a pretty solid group.
Then doing the content Wrath, it should be pretty 'fun' again since it's a whole new land (even if all the quests are probably the same old thing).

Sadly, I've just totally lost any desire to play.

João Merujo disse...

I have a paladin and a warrior, both on my main account, that i could swap, and do instances with, but i need my shaman main for PvP.

Meanwhile i think i will give it a try anyways, bring a tank in and see what happens :)

Just a few weeks ago i was like u, but i decided to give it a try, and im enjoying it. It's just that theres no other games around that i enjoy playing as much as wow.

I know it's the same old story of grinding and gear, but man, u should see how northrend looks like, and dalaran is awesome.

thx for the comment!

Robert disse...

I have a bunch of single player console and PC games that I've been wanting to play for months, so I've been spending my time playing those.

I won't say that I won't play WoW again the future. I know from past experiences to never say never when it comes to an MMO, but at least for now, I'm enjoying my time away :)

Still,I spent so much time to get so many toons to 60 with RAF. So much time to get my Mages up to 68.
All of it with the 'goal' of getting to max level and running heroics and getting cool gear and really being able to tweek my team to be the best it can be up at that level.
I've not yet reached that goal.

You could always transfer your paladin or warrior to another account, to multi-box with.

By the way, I'm going to try and have my group be 1x Prot Warrior, 1x Priest, 3x Mage. That's my goal ;)