WotlK - Day 2

The instance grinding became a problem: too much HP and too little XP.
I was able to run trough Utgarde Keep in less than 40 minutes, and it gave me around 3 bars... thats means around 7 runs, almost 7 hours for a single lvl.
Each mob has around 40k HP. There's drakes there with 80k or wtv. I waste a lot of time dropping totems, making sure everything is ok to nuke, because otherwise, it can mean a wipe from AoE dmg mobs. 1st and 2nd boss's are pretty simple, but the last boss is a pain for me, as i don't have a real tank, the guy just smashes my shamans one by one till hes dead on phase 1. Phase 2 is reincarnate, and 5 elemental earth's tanking.

It made me come outside and start questing, and i really hate quests. I installed some fresh addons, and quest helper is uber. Im still learning it, perhaps how to choose manualy what quest to do, but it gives all routes, fastests quests to do and closer ones. Brilliant addon, even has Portuguese.

I enjoyed questing, and for about 4 hours played i reached mid70. Howling Fjord is a sweet place, but the ganking is becoming a problem, as Horde hangs out in large packs. One thing's for sure, im not turning my back on a fight, even against 10 or 20, and yesterday some crybabies got owned, starting with Zironic, the uber arena player and his 20 friends had to ress, mount up and flee :D

Anyways, i think i'll just go nerd mode for the weekend. Not in a rush, but most ppl are already at 72+ and i wanna find my pace, altough i barely have time to lvl decently during the week.

Theres already DK's on my server at 65+. Theres one at 70. And they say Multiboxers are no lifers ? llolooll

Update: How bout world first 80?

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