WotlK - Days 5 & 6

Days 5 & 6 stand for Monday and Tuesday, when i was able to push one more level. On Monday night i was able to grind the remaining, from lvl72 up to around 20% of 73. Dragonblight has some nice elite quests and some killing ones, that satisfied me, but still, too much gathering.
Yesterday i had to ding at all costs, so i went to Grizzly Hills and see what happened. From the start there's a series of collection quests that trully ruin all the fun. I can barely do any of those "collect 6 pieces of meat @ 20% drop rate" without shouting out loud "fuck". I can easily skip them, but their so many, that i end up running out of quests, and XP to jump to the next zone.
In the middle of all this, i had a major bug :P Theres a quest wich gives a buff, increasing ur size, so u can hit dwarfs with huge rocks. Thing is, once i got out of the zone, and entered again to complete the quest, i was given 4 of those buff's (most likely a party bug), making me look like this:

After this, i had to grind mobs in Azjol-Nerub to reach 74 and head to Zul'Drak.
Once i reached ZD i realized how screwed i was once i accepted the quests... Get 10 of this, 6 and 5 of that. Extinguish 15 fires here, and collect 10 pieces of metal around (hellfire peninsula v2)

Now imagine that. Imagine again, this time x5.
I even tried getting inside an instance again, cleared all the mobs for XP and then went to boss's, but some hit so hard, it's just close to impossible. I tried Ahn'Kahet, where Prince Taldaran is very doable, but Elder Nakox and Jedoga Shadowseeker are just impossible for me, making me walk away without any chances. I can honestly say i could be close to 78 if i had a prot war or paladin on my group, and it's incredibly hard to fight these level's with only questing.

Anyways, the plan stays. Im already tired of thinking how it's going to be tonight, but i might give a try at Drak'Tharon Keep.

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