WotlK tonight

So, in about 12 hours many will be heading Northrend. It's the new expansion for WoW, and damn, feels like TBC was just yesterday. Many already have their keys ready and the game to install, and as soon as the new continent is available, they will start again the XP grind.

As usual there will be ppl soon with lvl80. They can't have a break, they simply must be the first ones :D Some even do shifts with university colleagues, or even within the family.

I gotta admit, i hate the leveling. I know the lore, not because of quest lines, but simply cause there are better ways to aknowledge it, like wowiki or books. Theres a time when u simply can't see more quests to be done, and thats why Multiboxing is my solution. Why not just blast mob's in instances ?

I'll be grinding my way mostly inside instances, and the reasons are quite many:
PvP server: although i have the upper hand, i wont even bother ganking and get ganked.
Quests: mobs respawns, cleaned areas...
Instance quests: not many but, most likely will contain great rewards
Instance loot: oh, those blues come in handy
Control: im always learning how to micro-manage my group, so its going to be a good experience

Only reasons why i may come out of instances:
Elite Quests
Rest a bit from instances :D

My leveling will be casual. I'll problably just have my copies tommorow, leaving me room to setup all my acc's at night...ohhh it's gonna be a long night before i even login.
Maybe i'll take friday off, and venture into Northrend.

One thing's for sure, im going to do updates on the blog regarding my leveling.
Have a nice day.

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