WotlK - Day 13 & 14

Tuesday and Wednesday

Busy day at work, so i'll keep it simple. I managed to get 77 on Tuesday, late night, and im 40% of 77 at the moment.
Started questing @ K3 in The Storm Peaks, funny area, a reference to the second highest mountain on earth (K2), much like they did with Area52 (original Area51) with TBC.

At the end of the night, i went to Ulduar: Halls of Stone, getting 2980XP per mob while rested, managing to down the first two boss's: Maiden of Grief and Krystallus. At first i thought i could be a lot harder than it was, due to the attacks heavy in AOE, but, it's doable.

Tonight i'll start the quest-event inside the instance to access the last boss, and see how it works.

ty for visiting, have a nice day :)

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