WotlK - Day 15

Thursday, day 15 of the WotlK and im at 60% of 77

Just had time to log, clear the rested XP and logout, since i was a bit tired. Managed to make a full clear on Halls of Stone, completing the quest-event inside.
The quest itself it's not difficult, all u have to do is deal with some waves of mobs, and after that, we access the last boss in the instance, Sjonnir the Ironshaper.
This boss is a cake after u position urself on good spots. Place every char around him, making use of the platform, and start ur nuking. Once he heads to a char, start healing it and the boss will, eventually, go for another char with more threat. Final result is a constant walk around from the boss, ending up with u killing it.

I tried Halls of Lightning, but i guess i need a bigger HP pool before adventuring strong mob packs. Need to use Thunderstorm in round robin, plus sync totems, but theres always some damage taken, and i end dying.

Ty for visiting and
oh! almost forgot! for the Portuguese visitors, please, have some fun reading good whine material! Engraçado.. Afinal o famoso Konnichiwa multi-boxer é português, translated: I can't afford to do what he does, therefore, i whine.

Have a nice weekend guys :D

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