WotlK - Day 7

I may say Drak'Tharon Keep is indeed my salvation.

My salvation from those retarded collection quests, i've been whining for a week now. I just can't believe i actually can farm a freaking instance, without having to worry about how fast i'll die on any boss.

The instance requires some focus to be done, it's not like an uber instance, but some mobs can be nasty. One thing blizzard has done, that i noted from the beggining, is the abuse of cleaves and aoe's in instances towards partys, almost like, if ur a boxer, ur gonna have a hard time.
But anyways, i felt a relief to know i can grind at least 2 level's, without struggling with the SUPER interesting gathering quests. It's not like there should be none, but instead, there shouldn't be so many. It's pathetic.

On to the facts:
- 30 to 45 minute runs, depending on ur pace, if u loot all mobs, etc
- around 100k to 110k per run
- 4 Dream Shards along with BoE greens and blues

whereas on questing i'd have to move around from place to place. collect items that, sometimes, are under the 50% drop rate, or simply lay on the ground and i have to pick them up, one by one, on 5 different screens.

I had my doubts about instance grinding on WotlK in the beggining, but now, considering the ridiculous quests i've done lately, i'd rather grind mobs on instances, and if possible, clear all boss's.

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