Brutal lesson

Last thursday we were climbing the ladder. We were better than ever, with a good synergy, everything was going so well that we reached 1922 as a record for this team. The road to 1950 was officialy open, and nothing could predict the beating that was going to happen this Sunday. From 1914 we went down to 1759 wich is ridiculous imo, but not according to the heavy melee teams forming up now on our battlegroup. I had my share of stupid errors made, Baía rarely makes mistakes, and we just faced, all afternoon long, people in full brutal, or brutal wepons only missing shoulders, and it gets chaotic inside the arena with these cleave teams, or euro comps, that, besides playing well, have massive gear and luck, getting away with 200hp or 300hp. Im not exagerating, there were at least 5 times where someone just survived with 2% or 3%, and everyone knows, inside an arena, thats gg.

We should had stopped after 5 or 6 games but we continued. I was determined to get it back, but loosing 20 points to full brutal, and winning 10 points agaisnt full brutal start to be pathetic. Logic won't apply here. This is the system, where ppl disband and join new teams everyday. It turns out to be very painfull for whos actually trying to do something, because u go full steam, thinking "ok these guys must have like 2k rating, and in the end, they have 1600, and u win 8 points.

Gear doesnt makes u win, but it helps. A lot.

So i ended arenas at 6pm, there was no reason to continue giving away 20points and winning 10 from equally geared teams. Tonight i hope to raise it to 1850 at least. Like it happened to many before, the closer u get to 1950, the harder it becomes, but loosing 100+ points, was too gay. I sense that at this time, Sunday is the new roll a brutal team day, so until im full brutal, i might skip it :)

Btw, we faced a team from SK Gaming, next time, dont Q dodge. Hope there wasnt much qq on ur vent.

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