Enchanting x5 - Accomplished

It's done. Yesterday i reached 360 Enchanting on the remaining 4 shamans. The plan was to enchant the rings with 12 spell dmg each, 24 spell damage per char, 120 spell dmg in total.

Went Durnholde, Black Morass, and along with some quests, i got a huge rep boost with Keepers of Time, so i could buy the Formulas to enchant my rings.

I also got to disenchant some blues from 2 quests, giving me 10 Large Prismatics.

I know this doesn't make sense to the common or hardcore wow player but, i really had no professions taken, and since enchanting gives that little extra damage, and i always loved the profession, i decided to go for it.

My plan is to go for Inscription now but... i guess only time will tell.
Enchating will be great once WotlK comes out, this means i will have the chance to produce lots of mats from quest rewards :)

Yesterday i also had a lot of Idiots whispering me for Arena Boost's and all kinds of stupid questions, i may be posting it later :P

Have fun!

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