Back on the road again

Well it wasn't bad at all. We got to learn our lesson: never Q again after 3 or more losses in a row. It really isn't about being lamme, it's about know what u're doing, because sooner or later u find urself doing errors after errors all because ur not focused.

So tonight we managed to raise 70 points back from 1759 to 1829. We had to put our disguises on:

Not a big story. Only that we lost 21 points to a decent but easy comp that q dodged right after that and we won 21 points to another team that...q dodged right...after...that. We get so q dodged that i even made a ticket to a GM reporting harassement, just to kill some time. Nah, seriously, im tired of trash talking sh!t thinking they won't get warned. Enjoy ur vacations.

That's all for this week folks, have fun :)

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