Drama, Some arenas, BRD boss and MGT HC with Jï

Drama. Not much, but it's Drama. e-Drama. Multiboxers are macros, in fact one NS macro for CL. They don't have skills when they kill 20 hordes trying to get past Balinda, or clear MGT HC alone. The most funny post is from a warlock, that must have a macro set for spamming curses, but still comments. People can't reach the fact that, their not supposed to kill a person playing 5 chars, or 5 persons playing 5 chars. With an insta or without an insta, ur dead, and that what makes u angry :P
Any drama is good, even shy drama.

Yesterday we got to play some arenas, as i arrived home (yes, i do have a life, amazing), and we did 5 matches. 10 minutes waiting to be matched agaisnt some guys from In Excelsis, full vengefull equiped but soon got nuked to death. The following teams arent even worthy to comment, and the night ended with 5 games, 5 wins: 6points-4points-1point-5points-4points. Low rated team, with their brutal and vengefull got steamrolled. gg. ofc, multiboxing is op.

It was late and i really wanted to give a shot at BRD boss, see if a mount droped or not, and all he droped was trinkets. Tonight, more trys ofc :)

To end the night i went MGT HC, but this time with Ji's Rogue. At first i was afraid of not having enough nuke, but a sap and a nice stun lock really pays for less nuke. We managed to do everything, even Vexallus, whom i thought we couldnt kill but we actually did, we all died, but he went down too :P Bad luck on trinket boss for him, it dropped the caster trinket :(

Thx for visiting and reading!

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