Wednesday Fun [Arena Time]

Thats it. And from now on, u can expect a lot more active 5v5 Arena Team, cause we plan on doing arenas almost everydays, at least to get more xp from it, from those teams well geared that know what their doing, rather than full Brutal's that don't know shit about arenas. Ladders are filled with people gearing up their Brutal at 1500-1600 Rating, not to mention Druids, Rogues and Warriors, that pretty much only have to go 2v2 to get their gear.

We started pretty late, around 23 CET, and the first 4 matches were a nightmare. A heavy cleave team, Enchanc Shaman, Rogue and Warrior pretty much ruined all the fun, with a superb style of play. They knew when to retreat, and to go defensive and when to nuke. Assisted by a Priest and a Paladin, the best we managed was to kill the Priest, and then the Shaman, but mana was low, impossible to continue, so they won again. Baía was forced to heal deep, not giving space for Mass Dispel's, and somewhere between Mortal Strike, Poisons and Windfury we ended up loosing 4 matches against this awesome team. Needless to say, they are always low ranked, grabbing us the points that only in 10 matched we will recover. Thats something that never happens to us: a higher ranked team, that we farm 3 times+, that WON'T Queue Dodge us! That's right, cause we don't Q Dodge!
Anyways, we we're loosing hope on a night where we thought we could get more than a Full Brutal team performing cleave, when we started facing different comps. Our favourite is: 2 warriors, 1 resto shaman, 1 resto druid, 1 holy paladin, and that was our next opponent. Shiny Brutal Swords, great style, and gay skills.
Charging Baía on middle of Nagrand Arena wasn't a bright idea, so guess what happened... NS Electrical Discharge.

After that we faced more teams that had zero chances, not according to their gear, but due to their lack of awareness. Ppl standing outside pillars for more than 5 seconds are like a Chicken McNuget laying on my desk.
Some more fun moments, we were raising rating, and we lost again one game against a funny team: 2 warriors, 1 ret paladin, 1 resto shaman, 1 holy paladin. These guys were much more based on minor PvE tweeks (minor like, Sunwell Gear)and RUSH! oh they liked to rush because they had nothing else on their box of strats. THey managed to win one like i told, and lost 3. I mentioned funny because, they would stafe/run around me/jump like if they were playing at McDonalds kindergarten. Thats...great! thx for those 50 points.

Also faced a GB Horde Team, 2 really fun matches, these guys were top! not.
Whats so funny about this SS, is that Baía went to the bathroom (nature call) and i was left alone killing the warrior. Lucky he wasnt resto spec.

Last Arena match of the night was against Kilrogg...number 1. SUO SWE got hit by a truck. Stayed inside their spawn on Lordaeron Ruins, and thats always funny comming from such a good ranked team.

Just to end, we also faced my friends Maom and Cokamine, and they had to experience the devastation :P Guys, i tried to be less agressive, but Mitrao was nasty against me!

Sorry for the wall of text, hope its good reading.
Today, more arena fun!

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